Hannibal: The Last Supper (CultNoise)

30th June 2015

This may be hard to chew, but NBC have called time for the much-loved TV show that is Hannibal. This post contains several food-related puns, so brace yourself.

I have been an avid fan of Hannibal since day one. The appeal is that it isn’t explicit in the fact that Hannibal is a cannibal – there are only ever subtle hints until around season 2/3. The psychology and backstory behind both Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham is fascinating. It’s as though you’re getting a glimpse into the fine line between a psychopath and someone who is simply misunderstood.

Mads Mikkelsen himself is an extremely skilled actor, repeatedly voted one of the top Danish actors. He has a knack for playing social outcasts and chilling psychopaths, as displayed both in his characterisation of Hannibal Lecter and his memorable appearance in Casino Royale. Mikkelsen’s choice to portray Hannibal as an almost anti-christ, exacerbated by Will Graham’s attempted crucifixion murder of Hannibal, is what draws most people to this particular show. Mikkelsen plays Lecter with finesse, a chilling undertone and a God-complex, something which no other actor has attempted with the character of Hannibal Lecter. It is this beautifully haunting portrayal of such a legendary character that will be so sorely missed by fans the world over.

Hugh Dancy plays Will Graham in such a way that we’re almost spoilt for choice as to who is the more intriguing character. Will’s delusions, so skillfully acted by Dancy, make us question whose reality we are seeing when watching any episode of Hannibal. The blurred lines between Graham’s delusions and what Lecter has fed his brain is what makes the show thrilling; we never know if Will is ever truly in control of himself, or if he will ever be able to stop Hannibal, who plays people as though they are mere puppets in a grand performance.

I could harp on forever about the sheer and utter brilliance that is Hannibal. It is devilishly good and I would suggest anyone who enjoys sheer violence and psychological horror to give it a whirl. There is always hope that another television network or streaming service will do for Hannibal what Hulu did for The Mindy Show, another axed series with a big fan following.

There is truly no other show out there that is even remotely like Hannibal. The violence is horrifically realistic. The horror and psychology included in the show is a mixture of sexy, sophisticated and scary. It has no rival on air. You cannot compare it to the likes of Game of Thrones or Penny Dreadful, which fans of Hannibal also seem to enjoy – neither of these violent shows come remotely close in regards to character development. Hannibal is truly unique and losing this slick thriller from our screens will be devastating.

(Originally Published on CultNoise Magazine – currently under reconstruction)


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