Update #1

Buongiorno a tutti! Thought I’d post a little update about what’s happening in my life at the moment before I get cracking with some writing this weekend.

  • There’s a reason why I haven’t posted any articles/writing in a while. I’ve just started a new job which I’m really enjoying and I’ve got training for a few weeks, so that’s been keeping me very busy. The people I work with are amazing and I’m really enjoying the role!
  • There are a couple of guys that I fancy. This rarely happens.
  • I doubt those couple of guys fancy me. It’s always the way — the person you’re crushing on never seems to requite your feelings.
Love is in the air...but it's completely one-sided

Love is in the air…but it’s completely one-sided

  • Hannibal has been cancelled. It is one of my favourite shows out at the moment (second only to Game of Thrones) and I am absolutely devastated. I need a weekly fix of Mads Mikkelsen! He’s such a babe.


  • I’ve been surprisingly chirpy as of late.
  • You really can’t go wrong with wine on a Friday evening.
Tyrion is the god of tits and wine, I may well be the goddess

Tyrion is the god of tits and wine, I may well be the goddess

  • I’ve finalised a very important decision in my life which I shall reveal in due time. It will take time for it to become a reality but hopefully, it should all be done and dusted before my 22nd birthday in August.

Watch this space! I shall be posting soon; hopefully by the end of this weekend.




How can you put into words the specific feeling of wanting to scream and then cry for hours on end? You don’t really know why, though. But you know that’s what needs to happen in order for your soul to heal. The thing is, you’re angry. You’re angry at certain people and certain circumstances but you can’t change either of those things. None of it is in your control and it’s not like you can even tell people because of fear of the repercussions. You can’t escape the situation; you’re trapped. So inevitably, because there’s no way out, your mood worsens and you just feel even more depressed. But what can you actually do? What can you do other than try your hardest not to explode with that overwhelming anger and sadness?